Active Server Pages (ASP) is a Microsoft technology that allows webpages to talk to databases and then bring the results back to the webpage.
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Upper Hutt City Council

The Client:

Upper Hutt City has a population of 35,000 people and is 34 kilometres north of Wellington, and my client is the Council itself.

The Requirement:

This site has been developing over a number of years, and has a number of different elements to it.

  1. Provide information on the Council Operations, and enable them to use the internet to provide services.
  2. Provide information on the City, and events occuring in it, both to local residents, and other.


The Solution:

This is a very large site built entirely in Macromedia Ultradev using a combination of dynamic & static pages. The dynamic pages are built on ASP. A single navigation structure is used across all pages, and enforced with the use of templates.

All of the dynamic pages are updated via online forms, however given the size of the site, the client has the option to create a new page from the template, and then link that into the structure via the database. They can also link to PDF documents in exactly the same way.

The client have their own copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX to create these pages.

Client Comments

Paul Whitham has helped us set up .The site is working well and we have built a good working relationship with Paul.

Our site needs are wide-ranging but we have achieved this cost effectively and the site continues to get favourable remarks from users.

Paul Lambert
Upper Hutt City Promotion Manager


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