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Rocket Rentals

The Client:

Rocket Rentals specialises in the rental of broadcast quality camera & sound equipment for the television industry. They also operate a separate division "Rocket Crews" that hire out camera & sound crews.

The Requirement:

The client wished to expand the business by creating an online catalogue, as well a demonstrating that they were a dynamic operation.


The Solution:

We built a mixed site using Macromedia Flash for the main elements and Macromedia Ultradev to create the catalogue pages in ASP.

Content to most of the Flash pages was loaded from external text files which made them very easy to main. All of the information elements on the Flash pages were also contained in separate movies which meant that the main movie loaded very quickly.

The catalogue pages were updated via online forms.


Client Comments

One of the many ways you have been of great value to me is in your ability to research problems that you don't have an immediate answer to.

Your fees are very good value and as a result Rocket developed a site that was both cost efficient and very easy to navigate. One of the pieces of feedback that we have had is that our site is very easy and fast to negotiate.

You listen and aren't afraid of suggestions that we make to modify the site.

Mark Batten
General Manager Wellington
Rocket Rentals New Zealand Ltd

In mid 2002 an internal reorganisation in the company resulted in the marketing function shifting to the Auckland office, who decided to revamp the site with local designers.


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