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Valleybiz Internet Design

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Upper Hutt
New Zealand

Phone 64 21 644 418
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Modern software programs make it very easy to design a webite, but that does not guarantee that the results will be pleasing.

At Valleybiz Internet we take pride in our finished products, and that pride involves that all of the visitors to your site have a pleasant experience, not just those with the latest browsers, and computers. To ensure that this happens we have an extensive quality control that involves:

  • Testing the pages on Netscape 4.7 & 6, and with Internet Explorer 5 & 6;
  • Testing the pages load speeds on a modem;
  • Testing the pages on resolutions ranging form 640x480 to 1024x768;
  • Testing the pages on all colour settings; and
  • Testing what the pages look like on both PC & Mac

If there are any elements that are not picked up in testing then they are fixed under warranty.

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